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Genesis 5:32 to Genesis 6:5

The Word Of God was First passed on by way of mouth=(verbal or oral). Second it was written. (When they Wrote The Word Of God they did Remove the Vowels from words)

It was written with these words. (they rearrange or add 50 other words to make a Sentence). More Information - Click Here

Shaded Words are Listed Below with More Information. 

5:32-Noah Was Five Hundred Years Old: Noah Begot Shem, Ham, Japheth. 6:1-Came to pass,When Men Began Multiply On Face Earth,

Daughters Born, 6:2-Sons God Saw Daughters Men That They Fair; Took Wives(Check 4:19) Of all Which Chose. 6:3-Lord Said, Spirit Not Always Strive Man,

He Also Flesh: Days Be Hundred Twenty Years. 6:4-Were Giants(Fellers) Earth Those Days; Also After That, When Sons God Came Unto Daughters

Men, Bore Same Mighty Which Of Old, Men Renown. 6:5-God Saw That Wickedness Man Great Earth, Every Imagination Thoughts Heart Only

Evil Continually.

The "Sons of God" are men who call upon The Name of the Lord God before The Flood(they died in the flood) during the life time years of Believer, Prophet Shem, a Grandson of Seth, a son of Noah, Genesis 4:26; Shem means Renown(8034) Genesis 5:32; 

Fellers(5303)from 5307, Genesis 6:4; those who Fall Prostrate before God(5307)(Check 4:26); All Fell Prostrate before the Lord God, worshiping the Lord God. 2nd Chronicles 20:18; Matthew 26:39; 1st Corinthians 14:25; Revelation 7:11; 11:16;

Renown means Shem(8034) Genesis 6:4.


Begot: #3205 = Bring Forth Children; Born; Birth; Time Of Delivery; Show Linage; * Men Becoming The Father Of Children;  

Shem: #8035 / #8034 = Renown; Fame; Famous; Honor; Authority; Character; believer, prophet, [Shem Click Here] [Semitic Click Here] * Son Of Noah; Name Meaning Fame;  

Ham: #2526 / #2525 = Hot; Warm; burnt(dark, black) [Ham Click Here] [Hamitic Click Here] * Son Of Noah; Name Meaning Hot, Warm;

Japheth: #3315 / #6601 = Expansion; light(white) [Japheth Click Here] [Japhetites Click Here] * Son Of Noah;


Some writers have associated Noah's sons with different skin colors or alleged races. For instance the Jewish text Pirqei R. Eliezer, depicts God as dividing the earth among Noah's sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and attributing different skin colors to them (literally, "blessing" them with different skin colors): light colored skin for the Japhetites, medium dark or brown for the Semites, and very dark or black for the Hamites.

Men: #120 Low Degree; Human Beings; Mankind; Person; Common Sort; LowLow Man; common, human race, specific group, image of God, * A Male; Adam;

Began: #2490 = Profane; Defile; To Break Ones Word; defilement, desecration of something holy, abuse or violate established law of God, * To Profane Or To Defile; Sexual Defilement; Breaking Of A Covenant; To Begin;  


Sons: #1121 = Subject; Servant; Steward; Appointed; Nation; members of a group, pupil, disciple, refers to people, * Son; A Member Of An Order Or Class;

God: #430 = Very Great; Eloheem (Elohim); Supreme God; righteous, holy, * Meaning God; One True God; Allusion To The Trinity;

Saw: #7200 = Gaze; Look; View; See; Enjoy; Spy; Stare; inspect, discover,* To See; To Look; To Examine;

Men: #120 Low Degree; Low Man; Common Sort; Human Being; Mankind; Person; common person, specific group, human race, image of God, * The Human Race In General;

Fair: #2896 = Beautiful; Loving; Pleasure; Ready; lovely, * Appealing And Pleasant To The Senses;

Took: #3947 = Carry Away; Buy; Take; Take Away; * To Take; Grasping Or Seizing; Receive Or Acquire To Buy; Taking A Wife;

Wives: #802 = Woman; Wife; Female; concubine, * Woman; Wife;

Chose: #977 = Select; Choose; eternal consequences, * Look At; To Choose; Choice; To Select; To Desire; To Like; To Delight In;


Lord: #3068 = Jehovah; The EternalThe Self Existent; Yehovah; Yehhovaw; Jehowah, Adhonay, * Yehowah = YHWH; God; Lord; JEHOVAH;

Said: #559 = Declare; Promise; Say; Speak; Tell; Answer; Command; Appoint; Demand; Determine; Certify; Require; Avouch; Intend; Indeed; designate, * To Say;

Spirit: #7307 = Breath; Air; Life; Exhalation; air for breathing, air breathed, fleeting air being breathed, natural spirit, human spirit, * Breath Of A Human Being; Human Spirit And Spirit Of God Are Closely Linked With Moral Character And Moral Attributes; The Lord Makes The Spirits Of People That Give Them Life, This Spirit Is From God And Leaves At Death;

Always: #5769 = Vanishing; Indefinite;

Strive: #1777 = Rule; Execute Judgment; Judge; Minister Judgment; regulate, govern, * To Govern;

Man: #120 = Human Being; Mankind; Person; human race, * Any Human Being; The Human Race In General;

He: #1931 = They; * He; She; They;

Flesh: #1320 = Body; Flesh; Person; human, * Flesh To Indicate Living Beings;


Giants: #5303 = Fellers; From #5307 those who Fall Prostrate before God; {not giants nor Nephilim} *

Sons: #1121 = Subject; StewardAppointedmember of a group, pupil, disciple, refers to all not just males, * Member Of A Guild, Order, Or Class; A Person With A Certain Quality Or Characteristic;

God: #430 = Supreme God; Very Great; holy, righteous, * One True God; Judges; 

Unto: #413 = To; Upon; Near; Among; With; About; Over; Motion Towards; According To; After; Under; * Into; Upon;

Men: #120 = Low Degree; Human Being; Mankind; Person; Common Sort; Low Man; * Male; Human Being;

Mighty: #1368 = Chief; * Mighty; Lord Is Depicted As A Mighty One;

Which: #834 = Who; When; Which; That; * Which; Who;

Of Old: #4480/5769 = From Among; From; Out Of; Among; After; Since; Then; Part Of; Over; / Past; Ancient Time; Of Old Time; Time Past; * Antiquity; From; Out Of; After; Since; A Part Of Something Else; Since; From A Certain Day Or Time; From Ancient Times; From Of Old; Right After; /  Looking Backward; Period Of Many Generations;

Men: #376 = High Degree; Male PersonGood Man; good men, worthy, * Male;

Renown: #8034 = Shem; Character; Honor; Authority; Fame; Famous; Name; * Identifies A Person; A Name; Person's Name; Make A Name Means Renowned Reputation; To Continue The Name Of A Man; A Family Line;

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LUKE 24:45-47


(Yahwism view-belief ~ Yahwist believer).

ELOHIM(430): PLURAL OF ELOAH(433) (Elohistic view-belief ~ Elohist believer).



JOHN 1:1 The Word(3056) "speech" "voice" "saying"

Genesis 1:3 --- "God Said"


GENESIS 1:26 "let US" ~ "OUR image" ~ "OUR likeness"

GENESIS 1:27 "created in HIS OWN image"

1st THESSALONIANS 5:23 ~ We Are A Human Spirit,and Soul,and Body(trichotomy).

We Need The Holy Spirit Of God To Help Our Human Spirit;

To Guide Our Soul, And Control Evil(demons) Spirits That Enter Our Body.



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