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Acts 10:35
Receive JESUS To Be Your Remedy, And Get The HOLY SPIRIT
Before You Go To A Church, Before Your Water Baptism,
And Before You Get The Gift Of Tongues. ACTS 11:15-18

PRAYER: Dear FATHER GOD In Heaven Above, I Know I Have Sinned.

I Am Sorry For My Sins That Have Hurt YOU And People. Thank You For JESUS

Dying In My Place; To Pay The Penalty For My Sins. I Believe HE Rose

From The Dead. Please Forgive Me. I Want To Become A Child Of GOD And

Live With You Forever. I Open The Door Of My Heart And Invite Your HOLY SPIRIT

To Come In. I Want To Stop My Sinning And Receive JESUS As My LORD, Saviour,

And Remedy Right Now For Life. I Wish To Do What Is Right And Good With My Life.

I Need Your HOLY SPIRIT To Help Me. I Pray This With All My Heart

In The Name Of JESUS. HOLY SPIRIT Help Me. Thank You, Amen. 

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