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Luke 24:47 repent(repoenitere), repentance = penitence(paenitentia) [not penance].

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CHISLEU = November/December ~ 25 Day *The Feast Of Lights*

* Sacred Calendar Year Began With The Month Of ABIB or NISAN = APRIL

* Civil Calendar Year Began With The Month Of TISHRI or ETHANIM = OCTOBER

* Chicago Calendar Year Begins With The Month Of JANUARY


9th HOUR: MATTHEW 27:46 ~ MARK 15:34 ~ LUKE 23:44

a time method: 1stto12th hour and

1stto12th watch.

  • _1st hour = 6am to 7am
  • _3rd hour = 9am to 10am
  • _6th hour = 12am to 1pm
  • _9th hour = 3pm to 4pm
  • 12th hour = 6pm to 7pm

(1st Watch 6pm-7pm) (3rd Watch 9pm-10pm) (6th Watch 12pm-1am)

(9th Watch 3am-4am) (12th Watch 6am-7am)


a time method: 1st,2nd,3rd,4th hour and

1st,2nd,3rd,4th watch.

  • 1st hour = 6am to 9am
  • 2nd hour = 9am to 12am
  • 3rd hour = 12am to 3pm
  • 4th hour = 3pm to 6pm

(1st Watch 6pm-9pm) (2nd Watch 9pm-12pm) (3rd Watch 12pm-3am)

(4th Watch 3am-6am)


a time method: 1st,2nd,3rd hour and

1st,2nd,3rd watch.

  • 1st hour = 6am to 10am
  • 2nd hour = 10am to 2pm
  • 3rd hour = 2pm to 6pm

(1st Watch 6pm-10pm) (2nd Watch 10pm-2am) (3rd Watch 2am-6am)

* JOHN 14:1-2

* MATTHEW 27:51-52

JESUS Died On The Cross To Pay For All Our Sins. HE AROSE

On The Third Day.

(the Sabbath is from sundown(6pm) on friday to sundown(6pm) on saturday ~

a time for rest)

EXODUS 12:16

(Sunday is a time for worship ~ in honor of the day Christ Jesus arose

from amongst many bodies)

* MATTHEW..27:53-54

(1920's: A Universal Way To Study Of The Bible For Sunday School

Was Started; It Takes Seven Years To Go Through A Bible Once)

A Human Body Will Renew Itself In Seven Years ~

Add A Spiritual Change Also.


EXODUS 16:29 ~ JOSHUA 3:4

2,000 CUBITS ~ (one cubit = 18to22 inches-ANCIENT)

1.2 KILOMETERS ~ (1 kilometer = 5/8 of a mile-BRITISH)

3,000 FEET = (1,000 YARDS or 2/3 of a mile-USA)

(5 and 1/3..chicago..city..blocks)


A Distance From Where You Live To Where You Worship.

Acts 10:35

Receive JESUS To Be Your Remedy, And Get The HOLY SPIRIT
Before You Go To A Church, Before Your Water Baptism,
And Before You Get The Gift Of Tongues. ACTS 11:15-18

PRAYER: Dear FATHER GOD In Heaven Above, I Know I Have Sinned.

I Am Sorry For My Sins That Have Hurt YOU And People. Thank You For JESUS

Dying In My Place; To Pay The Penalty For My Sins. I Believe HE Rose

From The Dead. Please Forgive Me. I Want To Become A Child Of GOD And

Live With You Forever. I Open The Door Of My Heart And Invite Your HOLY SPIRIT

To Come In. I Want To Stop My Sinning And Receive JESUS As My LORD, Saviour,

And Remedy Right Now For Life. I Wish To Do What Is Right And Good With My Life.

I Need Your HOLY SPIRIT To Help Me. I Pray This With All My Heart

In The Name Of JESUS. HOLY SPIRIT Help Me. Thank You, Amen. 


Immanuel (Emmanuel a word used in Isaiah 7:14) they use different words that have the same meaning

Messiah: means Liberator or Deliverer.

Saviour: means a one who Rescues.

Matthew 1:21 "HE(JESUS) will save HIS people from their sins"

"Angel of The Lord" Matthew 1:20 ~ "Gabriel" Luke 1:26

Called: The(Our) Saviour ~ Messiah ~ Immanuel ~ Emmanuel

{the name Messiah ot ~ Jesus nt ~ Immanuel nsa ~ Emmanuel kjv ~ mean the same thing Savior or Saviour}


LUKE 23:39-43

* PARADISE(3857)Paradise Of God = HEAVEN(3772)

(Read As Much As You Can ~ As Fast As You Can

And You Will Be The Best You Can ~ As Soon As You Can)


In Addition To Reserving A Place For Me In The Kingdom

Of HEAVEN--Please Help Me To Secure The Kingdom

Of GOD--While I Live Through This Life On Earth;

As Stated By JESUS "The Kingdom Of God Is Within"

And To Acquire And Maintain The Fullness Of The

HOLY SPIRIT To Help Me--So I Can Have My Name

Written In The Lamb's Book Of Life--While Alive,

Before I Enter Heaven.


A human body has no physical need of alcohol,

Nor a not authorized drug ~ (Lose Memory,

Forgetfulness ~ Can't Remember or Recall)

Reliance or Dependence is Less Than 25 Days.


* * *

*UNPARDONABLE..SIN* ~ Term Given By Man To A Most Serious Kind Of

Blasphemy. (Genesis 19:8,14,15) Lot Had Two(2) Daughters. Lot Had Two(2)

SonsInLaw. SonsInLaw Mocked Lot. (SonsInLaw Did Not Leave With Lot The Next

Day And Were Destroyed With The Rest Of That City)(It Was One Of Five Cities

Of The Plain)(Four Cities Were Destroyed ~ City Of *Zoar-v20,21,22 Is Where

Lot Went To And It Was Not Destroyed)(Mocking A Godly Person Is Called

BLASPHEMY Of GOD)(southern practice of laughing at people is not good)

Blsaphemy Has Many Meanings; And Are PARDONABLE(forgivable).

If You Had Did That, --- You Would Not Be Reading This.

Matthew 12:30-32 ~ verse 31 Blasphemy #988

Mark 3:28-30 ~ verse 29 Blasphemes #988

Mark 3:29 ~ Eternal #166 ~ forever the same, perpetual, continual, always.

Luke 12:8-10 ~ verse 10 Blasphemes #987


1st John 5:16-17 ~ verse 16 "Leading To Death" ~ Death #2288-V

(with continued resistance it may or could ~ but not automatically)

Read Luke 17:32

Read Genesis 19:1-29 (note verses 5,14,17,26)


JOHN 3:5-7 ~ (repentance needed Luke 24:45-47)

Repentance = Penitent~Penitence(not a punishment) Galatians 6:7

Verse..5 "Born Of Water And The Spirit"

Verse..5 "Water"(#5204) = The Instrument Of Baptism.

Verse..5 "Spirit"(#4151-D)~(#5204) = Holy Spirit.

Verse..5 "Enter The Kingdom(#932)Of God" (inside a human - while they are

still alive on earth)

Verse..6 "Born Of The Flesh(#4561) Is Flesh(#4561)" = Human Body.

Verse..6 "Born Of The Spirit" (#4151-D)~(5204) = Holy Spirit.

Verse..6 "Is Spirit" (#4151-IIA) = Human..Spirit.

Verse..7 "Born Again" Term To Describe This Experience.

(and you must choose to grow to your own complete maximum best possible


Read: 1st John 5:12

(human soul: #5590) ~ (demon, evil spirits: #1140)

Holy Spirit Helps A Human Spirit To Control It's Human Soul And

It's Human Body; Also The Demon(evil) Spirits That Enter Our Bodies.

*WATER(#5204)..BAPTISM(#911): = dip or immerse.

Symbolic Act To Show That Repentance(#3341) Has Happened.

(not a requirement nor needed to enter heaven above after death)

Water Baptism Is A Symbolic Act Did To Confirm(Confirmation) Your Faith; Part Of A Continuation, Did In Volunteer Obedience To Mature And Grow Spiritually ~ Which Helps To Develop The Kingdom Of God Inside The Person While They Are Alive ~ Ultimately To Have Their Name Written In The Lamb's Book Of Life While They Are Still Alive.Revelation 21:27

*BABY BAPTISM (#908): = dipping (same as dedicating)

(words can have many meanings)

Read: Ezekiel 36:25-28 ~ Titus 3:5-7

Heaven Above The Earth(paradise ~ new jerusalem)#3772 ~ (Paradise:#3857)

Read: Matthew 25:32-34 ~ 1st Thessalonians 4:17-5:1 ~ Romans 14:9-13

Zondervan-Concordance ISBN Numbers:

KJV#0310233437 or NAS#0310262844 or NIV#0310262852

AMG-Dictionary ISBN Numbers:

New Testament: #089957663X and Old Testament: #0899576672

MATTHEW 12:40 "Just As Jonah" {Not Identical As Jonah} JONAH 1:17 ~ MATTHEW 16:21 


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